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BCS stands for Bangladesh Civil Service where you directly work for the government as a key part of the infrastructure. So it’s no secret that the government of Bangladesh picks the best of the best to serve the nation. An exam is held annually to pick the BCS candidates. The BCS result for the recent BCS exam will be published online within November this year to inform the selected candidates.

 46th BCS MCQ Result 2024

If you qualify for the BCS, then it is a good job. You have kept up with your studies well. But you have just won the battle as the war is still to come. The syllabus for the BCS is very large. How large? Well, comparing it to an ocean would not be an overstatement. You have to be very knowledgeable in many things.

46th BCS Circular

Your general knowledge should be very vast. So you have to keep consuming knowledge no matter what. People who are always thirsty for knowledge and are always up for a challenge are the people who usually get to see their name in the BCS result.

46 BCS Result Publish Date

As per the information, the BCS result will be published on 9th May (Thursday) 2024. And there are always announcements in national media before that so keep an eye on the media. Also, you can find the result publish date when you search online. The best place to search for BCS related information is on this site.

www.bpsc.Gov.Bd Preliminary Result


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46 BCS MCQ Result 2024

This is one of the toughest exams in Bangladesh a person has to take in regards to their career. Working for the government of Bangladesh is a very prestigious position to be in. As Bangladesh is a developing nation, you are directly influencing the country’s growth. You get to build the future with your own hands through hard work and dedication.

But what you have to do first is meet the qualifications to undertake the BCS exam. You must have an undergraduate degree at the very least. You have to be between the age of 21 – 30 years old. Anyone younger or older than that is not eligible. And in your finals of undergraduate, you cannot have more than one-third class equivalent score.

One has to be very persistent. As the exam is almost a two-year-long process. The exam is held in three phases. The first one can be called the preliminary test where the weak candidates are weeded out. This part is entirely MCQ based where the total mark is 200. A lot of candidates fall off here.

Then it comes the hardest part of the exam then written exam where you have to give an exam on nine subjects. All of them are compulsory. For the people who are taking the technical cadre test instead of the general cadre. Then you have to sit for only one Bangla paper and the general knowledge part is omitted. Instead, two corresponding subjects regarding your field are added. The total mark here is 900. Each subject contains 100 marks.

Then comes to the viva. Not as rigorous as the previous two. But this is the final step of the exam and should not be taken lightly as the success rate here is also very low.

 How to Check 46th BCS Result?

Checking for the result is relatively easy. All you have to do is just open up your browser and search online. You can just type “BCS result” in the search engine of your choice and find that many websites hosting the results. You can also visit the government website to see the results. We also publish the BCS result on our website here.


BCS can be called the hardest exam in Bangladesh. A huge number of candidates take the exam, only a handful of them get to pass the exam. Whenever the BCS result is published, a great number of people flock to see their ID on the list. People’s desire to serve their country is great. And the career opportunity BCS provides is even greater.

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