Govt School Admission Waiting Result 2024 | GSA Waiting Result

All Students of countrywide are now expecting the govt school admission waiting result as lottery result has been published earlier today. You will get everything necessary to admitted to the govt schools in Bangladesh this season.

If you are a candidate or guardian who needs to get their children admitted to any of the govt schools, you should carefully monitor here to know about the whole process. Let us know you to Govt School Admission Waiting Result first and then we will head towards details.

GSA Admission Waiting Result List 2024

What Is Govt School Admission Waiting Result?

As you know, the govt has taken the decision of running the application process for the govt schools online due to the present coronavirus situation. So, continue as long as the situation exists. The ministry of education has instructed schools to call for applications earlier to fight this situation. As per the instruction, govt schools have published admission circular and many of students have applied into govt schools in class 1 to class 9 to get admitted.

Unlikely to the other years, students will be selected through an open lottery which has conducted on 12 December 2022 in the presence of Dr. Dipu Moni, Minister for the ministry of education. But those who aren’t selected in the primary selection will be put on the govt school admission waiting result.

GSA Lottery Result

Govt School Class One Lottery Result

Govt School Admission Result 2024

Govt School Admission Waiting Result 2023

If you are not in selected of primary list of Govt School Admission Result 2023, then you will be put into the govt school admission waiting result list here. If anyone missed the chance of admission into govt schools, they will be called for admission from the waiting list.

GSA Admission Waiting Result List

If you are selected from the waiting list, you or your guardian will be notified through SMS. You should always be aware of receiving such SMS. You should also keep your documents ready till the admission process is closed as you might be called anytime.

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