JSC English Suggestion 2023 – (100% Common) All Board

JSC English Suggestion: English is an important subject in JSC exam. JSC English Syllabus is a huge big. Many students can’t complete this English Syllabus in time. The main reason is English 1st paper and English 2nd paper is combined in one subject. So, we have made an exclusive English suggestion for JSC Examination.

JSC English Mark Distribution

Don’t you know the English Mark Distribution of JSC exam? Here to let you know.

Topic Marks
Seen Passage
-Reading (MCQ)         07
-Gap filling (without clues)   05
-Short questions           08
Unseen part
-Information transfer 05
-True/False                                05
Cloze test with clues 05
Cloze test without clues 05
Matching 05
Speech/Narration 05
Punctuation 05
Articles 05
Changing sentences 05
Suffixes and Prefixes 05
Dialogue 10
Paragraph 10
Formal/Informal e-mail 10
Total =100

JSC English Suggestion All Board

The English Suggestion we made, is compatible for JSC all board. Here we have analyzed every topic and made this Suggestion. Our Suggestion is for:

  • JSC English Suggestion Dhaka Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Comilla Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Chittagong Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Rajshahi Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Jessore Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Dinajpur Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Shylet Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Barishal Board
  • JSC English Suggestion Madrasha Board

JSC Suggestion 2023 All Other Subject

English is one of the toughest subjects in the JSC examination. Many of them fail on this subject. So, a student always looks for JSC English Suggestion. So, we have made a short suggestion on English. Read till the end to get the full suggestion.

JSC English Seen Passage Suggestion

JSC English Seen Passage Suggestion is given below. They are short listed suggestion. Hope you will get them common on Exam.

  • Nakshi Kantha is a ….. embroidered on them.
  • The word ‘hygiene’ …… and happy life.
  • Shamima’s misery ……. famous designer.
  • Once upon a time, a……think about me?
  • Zara lives with her …….. in the forms.
  • The ethnic people in ….. sport for them.

JSC English Unseen Passage Suggestion

JSC English UnSeen Passage Suggestion is given below. They are shortlisted suggestion. Hope you will get them common on Exam.

  • Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir ……… of Bir Shreshtha.
  • Mother Teresa, the servant ……….. compassion for humanity.
  • The Nobel prize is ……………… inventing X-ray
  • John Donne was born ……………. on October 22, 1954
  • Dr. Mohammad Shaidullah ……. with gratitude and respect
  • The pioneer of Bangladeshi …………… in Mymensingh.

JSC English With Clues Suggestion

Fill in the gaps with clues is also important in the JSC exam. Below you will find with clues Suggestion.

  • Physical exercise means the regular ………
  • Travelling is very interesting. It is a ………..
  • Students should not (a)____ themselves ……..
  • Trees are our constant companions in ………
  • Nature has made an (a)____ ……………………..
  • Women are now-e-days as important……….

Without Clues Suggestion

Fill in the gaps without clues is also important in the JSC exam. Below you will find without clues Suggestion.

  • Honesty is a great virtue. It helps a man…..
  • Truthfulness is a (a)____ virtue. It is ………..
  • Traffic jam is a regular phenomenon ……..
  • Bangladesh is a small country. But ……….
  • Patriotism is love for one’s (a)_____ ………
  • An honest man is true to (a)______ ………..
  • Television is the most common and ……..

English Matching Suggestion

Fill in the gaps matching is also important in the JSC exam. Below you will find matching Suggestion.

  • Education is the backbone of a nation
  • Illiteracy is a curse for the developing country like ours
  • Honesty is one of the greatest virtues of human being
  • Drugs bear a terrible effect on human body
  • Punctuality means coming or doing something at the fixed time
  • Deforestation means cutting down of trees in large number

JSC Suffix Prefix Suggestion

Are you looking for Suffix Prefix Suggestion? Here they are…

  • Most of the student get (a)____(nerve)…..
  • My mother is very (a)___ (affection) to me
  • (a)_____ (Truthful) is a great virtue. A truthful
  • (a)_____ (honest) is the best of all
  • Our education remains………..
  • Success in life depends on the proper….
  • Trees are (a)____ (use) to man in many ways

JSC English Article Suggestion

Are you looking for Article Suggestion? Here they are…

  • Bangladesh is our motherland………….
  • Rainy season is one of (a)______ ………..
  • Football is (a)_____ popular game in…..
  • Our life is (a)____ sum total of some…
  • Each and every students wants……….
  • Punctuality is (a)____ unique virtue. It….
  • Once upon a time there was a dove and (a)_____

JSC English Changing Sentence Suggestion

Are you looking for Changing Sentence Suggestion? Here they are…

  • The bee is a very industrious
  • Books are the best companion
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam is one of
  • Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the
  • Bangladesh is a very beautiful
  • Book is the best of all friends
  • Cricket is a very exciting game

JSC Speech Suggestion (Narration)

Are you looking for Narration Suggestion? Here they are…

  • My friend said to me, “Why are you…..
  • The old man said, “Can you give me….
  • Once I said to a little girl, “What……….
  • “Have you prepared your lesson?”……
  • “Give me a few grains of corn. I am..

JSC English Punctuation Suggestion

Are you looking for Punctuation & Capitalization Suggestion? Here they are…

  • kamal dont be so silly he will come
  • do you think it is easy to pass english
  • Alexander the great was the king of macedonia
  • the teacher said to kamal why are you talking in the class
  • the man said can you give me some food ive been
  • have you finished reading the book said nira yes

English Dialogue Suggestion

Dialogue is a good topic get numbers on English examination. As you know it is one of the easiest topic. It is a conversation based topic. For the dialogue, here are JSC English Dialogue Suggestion.

  • Between two friends on the importance of reading newspaper.
  • Between two brothers about the necessity of physical exercise.
  • Between two friends on the importance of learning English.
  • Between you and your friend, about your preparation of JSC Examination.
  • Between two friends about bad effects of illiteracy.
  • Between two friends about importance of learning English.

English e-mail writing Suggestion

JSC English Email Suggestion is given below.

  • An email to your father about your preparation for the coming JSC examination.
  • An email to your friend thanking him for their hospitality.
  • An email to a friend inviting to attend the picnic.
  • An email to a friend thanking for a nice birthday gift.
  • An email to your friend inviting him/her to attend the birthday party.
  • An email to your friend inviting him/her to join the marriage ceremony of your sister.

JSC Paragraph Suggestion

Are you looking for Paragraph Suggestion for JSC? Here they are…

  • A tea stall
  • Our School Library
  • A winter morning
  • Tree Plantation
  • A rainy day
  • Our National Flag
  • Load Shedding

If you need anything more let us know by commenting.I hope if you follow our suggestion you will get a good number on JSC Result 2023 Barisal Board. In our website, everyone will get all kind of exam result.