97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 | Bangladesh Bank 100Tk Prize Bond

97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 | Bangladesh Bank 100Tk Prize Bond

97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 and 100Tk Prize Bond Result of Bangladesh Bank will be published or declared on 31st October 2019 in our website or the official website of Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Bank will publish the 97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 in their official website www.bb.org.bd after that we will also publish the result in our website. It is very easy to find the 97th 100Tk Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 from our website because we always simplified the process of the process of getting the result. So, look at our website and get your 100Tk Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 very easily.

Bangladesh Bank 100Tk Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 will broadcast by the Bangladesh Bank on 31st January. Bangladesh Bank 97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 program will be held on 31st October at Dhaka Commissioner Conference Room. After that, the result of 100Tk Prize Bond Draw 2019 will available online.

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Draw Result

Bangladesh Bank 100 Tk Prize Bond is totally risk-free. You can invest money on it and if you want to withdraw money that you invested, you can withdraw the money by giving back the prize bond to the Bank. Even if you can’t get the prize for the prize bond, you can sell it to the banks and get your money back.

Bangladesh Bank makes 100 Tk prize bond in several categories. The total 39 categories will be offered the same prize for their prize bond. All can get 1st to 5th prize for the 97th prize bond draw 2019. Find HSC Exam Routine 2019 here.

Bangladesh Bank Prize bond information

You can invest money in the Stock market if you have lot of money. It will give you more dividend then Prize Bond. You need to have a Beneficiary Owner(BO) Account to start your life in Share market. If you have some lazy money and you are interested in the share market then you can invest the money to the share market. This is a great place to get more money.

Prize list for 97th Prize Bond Draw 2019

  1. 100Tk Prize Bond 1st Prize: BDT. 6,00,000/- for Each Series
  2. 2nd Prize for 100Tk Prize Bond: BDT. 3,25,000/- for Each Series
  3. 100Tk Prize Bond 3rd Prize: BDT. 1,00,000/- for Each Series
  4. 100Tk Prize Bond 4th Prize: BDT. 50,000/- for Each Series
  5. 5th Prize 100Tk Prize Bond: BDT. 10,000/- for Each Series

Eligibility for Lottery: Prize Bond will be eligible after 60 days of purchase of 100Tk Prize Bond

Claim Period: Winner have to claim for prize within 2 years

Claim For Prize: To claim for the prize, the winner has to fill up a form from any Bank Branch

Bangladesh Bank 96th prize bond draw result 2019

Prize bond prizes for the total 53 series were declared equally. A total of two thousand four hundred and thirty-eight financial awards were announced in 53 series where each series was 46 prize. This draw is run as the same number for each series in the general way, for each series. Starting from “কক, কখ, কগ, কঘ, কঙ, কচ, কছ, কজ, কঝ, কঞ, কট, কঠ, কড, কঢ, কথ, কদ, কন, কপ, কফ, কব, কম, কল, কশ, কষ, কস, কহ, খক, খখ, খগ, খঘ, খঙ, খচ, খছ, খজ, খঝ, খঞ, খট, খঠ, খড, খঢ, খথ, খদ, খন, খপ, খফ, খব, খম, খল, খশ, খষ, খস, খহ, গক—include the draw” in 53 series of 100 Taka prize bond number was included in this draw.


What is the prize bond?

To increase the tendency of saving money, the National Savings Division announced a prize bond called “Bangladesh prize bond” in 1972. It’s also called a lottery bond. Any person can buy as many lottery tickets as they wish. This lottery ticket is not a lottery ticket for the other lottery like Jodi Liga jay. And anyone can easily exchange money at any time by his ticket. You can also buy prize bonds from Bangladesh Bank, Commercial Bank and Post Office and sell it if you like.

If you are money sever than prize bond is perfect for you. You can save money by buying a prize Bond. If you save your money and also you can get a prize by the prize bond. If you have luck, you can get the prize. So, the matter is that you can save money besides that you have the chance to get more money by the prize. This is interesting things of prize bond.

When prize bond Draw Held?

The results of Bangladesh Bank Prizebond draws are held every year on January 31, 30th April, 30th July, and 31st October. Each series has 1million prize bonds and there are a total of 53 series. If a number of a series win prize money, then the same number of each series will get those rewards.

Draw Time: 31st January, 30th April, 30th July, 31st October

Draw of Prize Bond Schedule 2019 of Bangladesh Bank

  1. 1st Draw of 100Tk Prize Bond 2019: January 31, 2019
  2. 2nd Draw 100Tk Prize Bond 2019: May 30, 2019
  3. 3rd Draw 100Tk Prize Bond 2019: July 31, 2019
  4. 4th Draw 100Tk Prize Bond 2019: October 31, 2019

This money can be transferred into cash any time. If you go the bank and tell them you want the money back against the prize bond, they will give you the money immediately. This is all about prize bond. So, we can say that prize bond is a thing that will store your money and help you to maximize your money by getting a prize if you have luck but there is no chance of reduction of money.

Time of 100Tk Price Bond Draw

Generally, the 100Tk Prize Bond draw happened on 3 months gap after a draw. The years first draw will happen on 31st January. After that, it will happen on 30th April, 30th July, and 31st October. In this date, Bangladesh Bank publishes the 100Tk Prize Bond Draw. Wait for the date and look at our website, you can get the Prize Bond Draw Result from our site.

97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019 PDF

To download the 97th Prize Bond Result 2019 PDF Download you need to follow our website or the official website of Bangladesh Bank. We always publish the educational information and job related news with the related news of education. You can also get the Prize Bond Draw Result also from our website.

After the publishing of the 97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019. You can get the result from here. If you win a prize then go to any bank and collect your money from their by filling up a form.

In conclusion, This post will help you to find the 97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019. For more update about 97th Prize Bond Draw Result 2019, stay with us. If you need to get any help and any other question just contact with us or comment in the comment box.