SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 & SSC Result Rescrutiny Application

SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 and SSC result Rescrutiny application process. Seeing the SSC Recheck Result 2022, you realized that I have appeared again with SSC Result Recheck process. You already know that SSC Result 2022 published on 28th November, 2022. Greetings from the ResultAmar families to every student who passed with the great achievement. Many of them are cynical about their SSC result and therefore want to apply for the SSC Result Rescrutiny. But can’t understand how to do it?

What is the SSC Result Rescrutiny?

You might think what is SSC rescrutiny process? Actually, it is another form of SSC Board Challenge Result. It is also known as SSC Result Recheck.

SSC rescrutiny application process will start from 29th November, 2022 and continue till December 2022. Those students who wants to recheck their result dont miss the time limit.

Many students are doubtful about the SSC result because they do not achieve expected GPA. To overcome this confusion, all education boards give an opportunity to review the result which is known as ‘Result Rescrutiny, ‘Result Board Challenge‘, ‘Result Recheck, ‘Khata Challenge‘ etc.

Many students think that the board authority re-evaluates the exam paper. But what is actually done by the Education board Authority in this process is whether the number is wrong in calculation or if there is a mistake in providing numbers.

Why do SSC Board Challenge Result?

You may have questions in mind, already SSC Result 2022 been published then why you do SSC Result Re-scrutiny? Why do you go to Result Recheck process?

You will must go. Because no human being is accurate. SSC result system is now computerized and with the help of human data are inputted into the database, there is possibility of making mistake. In past, there are so many records of such errors. The history of SSC result inaccuracy in Bangladesh is not too old.

Don’t miss the opportunity of SSC Board Challenge Result

If you believe that your SSC Result 2022 has not come true and have the confidence to get the result to recheck then definitely will go through SSC Board Challenge Result process. Because it may change your overall grade from F to A+ or even higher from the current GPA. And many such examples can be found around us. So please do not hesitate to know the SSC result rescrutiny process from the following text.

SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 Published Date

SSC Board Challenge Result is most important event for every student. After exam, most of the students are waiting for result & SSC result date. Every year SSC Board Challenge Result will published within 20 days after finished Application time. All Education board announced their SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 via official notice. Most probably,  SSC rescrutiny result published on January 2023.

How to see SSC Board Challenge Result ?

Internet is most quickest way to find your result. Bangladesh Education board create a official website for SSC Board Challenge Result. If you face trouble in all official website then you can follow your own education board result website. Board wise result  website is more faster cause specific students are visit this site. Follow the blow website for check SSC Board Challenge Result.

Many have been able to change their results by facing SSC Board Challenge Result. Generally, every independent education board is published SSC rescrutiny result within 20 days of the publication of the original results as PDF format. Apart from this, result released notification should send to the applicant provided contact number through SMS.


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SSC Board Challenge Result Procedure 2022

We already knew why you need SSC result rescrutiny. But, do you know how to do it? You can’t apply SSC Board Challenge Result to the education board on your own will. You have to follow some rules and going through a channel to complete entire SSC result recheck process.

SSC Result Rescrutiny 2022

As mentioned earlier, board authority will give a chance for the SSC Result Rescrutiny, or SSC Board Challenge Result. And this result recheck opportunity is valid for a limited time.

So, first of all, you need to know the exact time of the SSC Board Challenge Result. Now maybe you think how will you know when will the application time start?

  • The application date open for the SSC result rescrutiny is May
  • Deadline for application is June 7
  • You need a Teletalk SIM to do SSC Board Challenge Result.
  • When you apply for the Result Rescrutiny, your result will be re-checked. And all its cost belongs to you. You will be charged at a rate of Tk 125 for each subject. This is the result rescrutiny fee. If you check 1 subject then cost is 125 BDT, if you check 2 subjects then cost is 250 BDT as result rescrutiny fee.

How to fill up SSC Board Challenge Result application form

We already educate about the result rescrutiny apply procedure. Now you will see how to apply. SSC result rescrutiny application form is different from any other form. Basically, we need to type a message on mobile. For this, there will be some requirements.

  • According to the subject number, sufficient amount of money will be kept as the mobile balance for the result rescrutiny fee. Because rescrutiny fee will be deducted from your mobile phone.
  • Need to know the subject code.
  • You need to know the shortcode of your education board.
  • Need an active contact number.

If you have met the above five requirements, you are ready for the application.

  1. First, go to your mobile message option and click on the right message or go to the new message option.
  2. Write RSC and give a space.
  3. Enter your board name shortcode and give a space.
  4. Enter your SSC exam roll number and again give a space.
  5. Now write the subject code. (Note: If there is more than one subject, then put the subject code one after one givung a comma.)
  6. Send the SMS to 16222

SMS format should be like:

RSC <Space> Board Name Short Code <Space> SSC Roll Number<Space> Subject Code and Send to 16222

For Example: RSC DHA 158456 101,107

If everything is OK, then in return SMS you get a PIN number. And again you have to go the new message option.

  • Write RSC and give a space.
  • Now write YES and give a space.
  • Type the provided pin number and give another space.
  • Now, give an active mobile number (any mobile operator of Bangladesh can be acceptable) to contact you.
  • Send the SMS to 16222

SMS format should be like:

RSC <Space> YES <Space> PIN<Space>01…… (Your Contact Number)

For Example: RSC YES 1634 01XXXXXXXXX

You have successfully completed the SSC Board Challenge Result Result rescrutiny application and will get a confirmation SMS in provided contact number.

Multiple subjects can be applied to one SMS. In that case, the subject code should be put separately with a comma.

The manual application won’t be accepted.

Education Board, Bangladesh SMS Short Code Name:

  • Dhaka Education Board – DHK
  • Barisal Education Board – BAR
  • Sylhet Education Board – SYL
  • Comilla Education Board – COM
  • Rajshahi Education Board – RAJ
  • Jessore Education Board – JES
  • Chittagong Education Board – CHI
  • Dinajpur Education Board – DIN
  • Madrasah Education Board – MAD

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