6th Week Class 8 English Assignment Answer 2022

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Class 8 English Assignment Answer 6th Week

In the English assignment topic, class 8 students will get different problems to solve from their English textbook. The assignment is from lesson 3 and it is on the diet plan. You need to write on your daily diet plan.  Solving this assignment topic is very interesting because you need to make a list of foods you take every day. You need to write on what you take in breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea or snack in the afternoon and dinner.

Make a list of food items you take every day as breakfast, brunch( a meal between breakfast and lunch), lunch, afternoon tea(a small meal you can have in the afternoon) and, dinner and, identify what kinds of food they are. For example-Protein, Carbohydrate etc.

2. Decide if your daily diet is balanced. If yes. give reasons.

3. If it’s not, explain why not.


You can also list the food that you take any other time as well. You have to come up with your decision on whether or not your daily diet is balanced. If you take balanced food every day, it is better for your health. If you do not balance your daily food, it is not good.

  1. The list of food for different times:

For Breakfast:

  • Rice or Ruti – Carbohydrate
  • Egg – Protein
  • Biscuit- Carbohydrate
  • Fruits – Vitamin
  • Milk – Protein

For Brunch:

  • Banana or Apple – Vitamin
  • Biscuit or Bread – Carbohydrate
  • Vegetables– Carbohydrate, Fibre, Vitamin
  • Fruit Juice – Vitamin, Water
  • Puffed Rice – Carbohydrate

For Lunch:

  • Rice – Carbohydrate
  • Curry of Fish, Meat, Egg, etc. – Protein
  • Vegetables – Vitamin, Fibre
  • Salad – Fibre
  • Yogurt or Juice – Vitamin

For Snacks:

  • Biscuits – Carbohydrate
  • Noodles or Pasta – Carbohydrate, Fat
  • Raw Tea or Milk Tea or Coffee– Protein

For Dinner:

  • Rice – Carbohydrate
  • Vegetables – Vitamin, Fibre
  • Curry with vegetables – Vitamin, Fiber
  • Salad – Fibre
  • Fish – Protein
  1. I believe that my daily diet is balanced most of the time. But sometimes it is not balanced as I sometimes take some rich food that makes my diet list imbalanced

So after completing this assignment, you will get to learn an important thing that will help you spend a healthy life every time. So it will be better if you complete the assignment task on your own thought and writing.