HSC BM 1st Year Result 2024 and Publishing Date

If you want to see the HSC BM 1st year result under the Technical Education Board., please follow our tutorial. We will show you how to see the result and the different means of publishing the result.

A lot of days have passed since this year’s HSC BM 1st year exam. So muchpeople have almost forgotten about the result. Meanwhile, the announcement that HSC BM 1st year result will be published soon has come at last. So may are looking for ways to get the result. Today we have brought you the means to do that. Let’s see how to do that.

HSC BM 1st Year Result

This year’s HSC BM First Year Final Exam was held in May. The result of the BM exam is usually published much later than other tests. The Technical Education Board recently announced the decision to publish the result of the HSC BM First Year Final Examination of 2024. The methods of obtaining the result are discussed.

BM First Year Result Published date

The Technical Education Board has been issued date as to when the HSC BM first year result will be published. The Board held a meeting on to discuss the issue. It is expected that within January 2024,this year’s HSC BM 1st-year result will be published. So there is not much time left.



HSC BM 1st RESULT 2024


How to Get the Result?

HSC BM result is effortless to get in this era of technology. You can easily find it by visiting the Technical Education Board’s website. To get the result fast, quickly visit:

  • http://www.bteb.gov.bd/
  • Just scroll the site a bit and you will find a sub-menu named ‘চলমানফলাফল’ click on that.
  • You will get various results on the screen. Looking for HSC BM first year results from there.
  • Simply by clicking on the button, you will get the desired result. However, it will be as a PDF file. You would have to search using the roll number to get the specific result.


 HSC BM First Year Result PDF

If you do not want to search for the result on the internet, there are other ways. We have uploaded the PDF file with the complete result here. You just have to download it and you will have the whole result in one file. Those who want the result on behave of an institution, you must have this whole file. Simply by clicking on the link we are providing, you can download the HSC BM First Year Result PDF File. Open the file and enter your roll number in the search box. You will get your result.

HSC BM 1st RESULT 2023


HSC Voc 1st RESULT 2023

HSC BM First Year Result by Mobile SMS

Now you can get the HSC BM first year result via mobile. There is no need for even an internet connection. You can use any operator to send a message. The charge would only be Tk. 2. So if you want to get your HSC BM first year result via SMS, you can send a message and get it.

Final Words

Business Management is a very good degree. Technical education can provide more opportunities to develop skill than traditional education. Hopefully, HSC MB 1st year result will help you to go a step further towards your desired goal. There should not be any more problem with seeing the results now.