Robi IPO Lottery Result 2023 PDF & Robi IPO News

Robi IPO Lottery Result 2023 will be published on May 2023. The Robi IPO lottery draw will be held at 10:30am at Dhaka. Robi Initial Public Offering (IPO) lottery draws to allocate 52.38 crore ordinary shares among the successful applicants, said the officials.

The approval for the withdrawal of funds from the stock exchange will begin from March in the initial public offering (IPO) of Robicompany. The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission approved the IPO proposal of the company on February 19 this year.

Robi IPO Lottery Result 2023

The Sea Pearl Beach IPO results will be published on the websites of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) and the company after the lottery draw. The Sea Pearl Beach Resort raised a fund worth Tk 532 crore from the capital market by floating 52.38 crore ordinary shares at a face value of Tk 10 each using the fixed price method.

Robi IPO Subscription Information

Opening date of subscription: March 2023

Closing date of subscription: April 2023

The application for the company’s IPO will started March 2023. The Commission Meeting of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has approved the company’s IPO. The IPO will issue for Non Resident Bangladeshi, Resident Bangladeshi, Affected Small Investors and also Stock Exchange/Merchant Banker’s Code.Issue manager is top area investment bank IDLC Investment Limited.

On 22 February 2023, Saturday the company authority arranged a meeting at Gulshan where presented company’s Chief Executive Officer MahtabUddin Ahmed, Chief Commercial Officer Shihab Ahmed and Chief Enterprise Business Officer AdilHossen Nobel. RobiAxiata Ltd has given two conditions to invest into Capital markets. The company says it is possible for them to come to the market only if these two conditions are met. One condition is Withdraw existing tax on mobile company turnover or set .75% tax from 2%. Other condition is the listed mobile company corporate tax rate decreased from 40% to 35%.

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Non Resident Bangladeshi

Resident Bangladeshi

Affected Small Investors

Stock Exchange/Merchant Banker’s Code

Bangladesh is a country where billion people use mobile and use robi operator. according to Malaysia Stoke Exchange filing, It is the  2nd large mobile oprator company in Banglasdesh. In 2016, Robi&Airtel BD two companies marged and Robi become RobiAxiata Limited mobile operator that the 2nd large company in Bangladesh.

Last year Robi got 21 lakhs new user. Approximate 5 people on 7 join in Robi family to change their mobile operator. Now Robi gain 4 crore 90 lakhs user which the 29.6% of total user. Among them, internet users are 3 crore 13 lakhs.

Robi IPO News

Robi will sell 38.77 crore share to the people which is the part of 7.4%. On the other side, there is a proposal to the company employee to buy 13.61 crore share under ISPP (Employee Stoke Purchase Plan).The amount of capital investment was TK 1421 crore in last year and Tk 2762 crore was given to State treasury. The company’s profit was TK 17 crore even also added govt. impose additional taxes. This time their amount of total revenue was TK 7481 crore and amount of EBITD was TK 2880 crore.

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