RU Admission Result 2023-22 | Rajshahi University Result 2022

Rajshahi University (RU) Admission Result 2023-22. Rajshahi University is one of the high choices in the list of the candidates passing the HSC examination. In the last few years, the highest numbers of students compared to the seats have participated in the Rajshahi University admission tests. This is because there is no good quality university in the whole of North Bengal. Because of which the pressure of students is very high in this university. But this is not the subject of our discussion.

Today we will basically discuss the Rajshahi University admission result. Due to lack of adequate knowledge, many of you suffer a lot to get the admission test result. No more suffering for the Rajshahi University admission result. From now on you would be able to know the result sitting at your home. In our today’s review, we would discuss how to get the results, when the results will be published, the admit card and the seat plan. So let us start the original review now without prolonging other words.

Rajshahi University Admission Result

Everyone bears the dream full of eyes to get admission in Rajshahi University and take part in the admission test. But due to limited seats, the university authority cannot enroll all the students here. Because of which they require to select the meritorious students through the admission test. Rajshahi University admission result is published with all the talented students on the list. However, the published list contains one and a half times more students than the total number of seats in RU. This is because some seats remain empty. Then the students are admitted here from the waiting list. Whatever, your job is to know the result and we will show how you would know that. Apart from this, you can also have a look at the DUET Admission Test Result, DU A Unit Result 2022 etc.

When RU Admission Result Will Be Published?

RU was holding 12 units before. Now it has been reduced to 4 units. The result is published within a few days of admission test in each unit. Here we have presented the schedule of the results of those 4 units in the table below. Take a look at when you would get the result of which unit.

RU Admission Test Result 2022

Though the RU admission test system has changed, the results will be published in the way as before. For this, visit this site and search for your result there by your roll number.

Rajshahi University A Unit Result

Rajshahi university A unit admission test held on July 2022. A unit Odd & Evan group exam held on same day. Hope that Rajshahi university A unit Result published on August 2022.

Rajshahi University B Unit Result

Rajshahi university B unit exam test held on July 2022. B unit Odd & Evan group exam held on different day. Hope that Rajshahi university B unit Result published on August 2022.

Rajshahi University C Unit Result

Rajshahi university C unit is known as Science & Engineering Unit. RU C Unit exam test held on July 2022 . Hope that Rajshahi university C unit Result published on August 2022.

Rajshahi University D Unit Result

Rajshahi university D unit admission Test held on October 2022. This year thousands of students apply this unit . Hope that Rajshahi university D unit Result published on October 2022 (Approximate Date).

Rajshahi University E Unit Result

RU E Unit exam test held on October 2022. Hope that Rajshahi university E unit Result published on October 2022 (Approximate Date).

Rajshahi University Admission Seat Plan

Rajshahi University is the third largest university of the country in terms of the number of seats. The university holds a lot of departments. The departments are controlled by faculty. So now take a look at how many seats are there in each faculty. Apart from this, the seat plan of the admission test will also be published in the due time.

Faculty Name Number of Seats
Faculty of Arts 941
Faculty of Law 160
Faculty of Science 660
Faculty of Business Studies 470
Faculty of Social Sciences 748
Faculty of Biology and Geology 436
Faculty of Agriculture 212
Faculty of Engineering 272
Faculty of Fine Arts 120
Total 4,019

 Rajshahi University Admission Admit Card

Since you have already participated in the admission test, it is supposed that you have also already downloaded the admit card. The time limit for downloading has already ended. Now your job is to preserve the admit card carefully. It will be necessary not in the result publication day but also in the admission process. So keep the admit card with you until you get admitted finally. At the least take a picture of your admit card.

Final Words

We can surely say that all of you would remain in tension regarding the Rajshahi University admission result this year. This is because you have participated in the admission test in a new method. Our suggestions for you do not worry about these unnecessary things. If the test is good, the result will be on your side. No matter what is the admission test method, the talented students will be evaluated properly.