SSC Marks Distribution 2022 and Question Pattern (Updated)

Because of COVID 19 (Corona Virus) this year SSC Exam 2022 will start from 14th November 2022. SSC exam time duration is only 1.30 hours. Question pattern is also change because of this. So today we are discussing about SSC Marks Distribution and Question Pattern in here. You will get all information concerning SSC Exam 2022 from our website at

The government has decided to reduce the number of subjects required in the exam. The ministry of education has declared a new marks distribution system for this year’s SSC exam.

In this system, candidates will have to give the exam for 50 marks in every subject. This number will then be converted into 100 to calculate the final SSC result 2022. So, you will need to answer fewer questions than in previous years.

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SSC Marks Distribution 2022

According to the press conference of Dr. Dipu Moni, the minister for the Ministry of Education, the exam time will also be reduced by half to adjust to the number of questions. Students will get more options to choose from in the case of CQ. So, it will be easier for the candidates to answer.

There will only be exams on group subjects. We’ll give a complete overview of SSC marks distribution 2022 below. Don’t forget to check it out.

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SSC Marks Distribution 2022 For Science Group

For the candidates of the Science group, there will be 25 MCQ in each subject. Students have to answer any 12 of these questions for 12 marks. They will get 15 minutes for this.

In the case of the CQ section, there will be 8 questions in total. Students have to answer any 2 of them for 20 marks. They will get 75 minutes for this section.

SSC Marks Distribution 2022 For Business Studies Group

There will be 30 MCQ for this group. Students need to answer any 15 of these in 15 minutes. There will be 11 questions in total for the CQ section, but students need to answer any 3 of them only in 75 minutes.

SSC Marks Distribution 2022 For Humanities Group

The marks distribution for this group is the same as the Business Studies group. There will be 30 MCQ and 11 CQ where you will need to answer any 15 MCQ and any 3 CQ in a total of 90 minutes.

SSC Question Pattern 2022

As many of you might know, the SSC question pattern has been changed for the SSC exam 2022. But many of the candidates still don’t have a complete idea of the new SSC question pattern. So, they might face more hassle in preparing for the exam and executing what they have studied.

To solve this issue, we have come up with the latest SSC question pattern that will tell you how much weight has been put on each of the subjects and how many questions you need to answer. Let’s get into more detail without wasting any time.

SSC Question Pattern 2022 PDF

According to the Ministry of Education, the question pattern of the SSC exam will be a lot different this year. In the new system, candidates will sit in the exam for 50 marks. These marks will then be converted into 100 to determine the final result.

The question pattern is changed to give the candidates a bit more facility as they suffered from a lack of academic guidance during the shutdown. Schools have been closed since last year due to the coronavirus situation.

Now that the situation has improved, the govt is planning to take the SSC exam in November. So, there isn’t much time for the candidates to prepare for the exam by covering a huge syllabus.

The syllabus has been changed previously, and now the candidates have an easier question pattern for the final exam, about which we will talk in a bit.

Final Words

This was a brief overview of the SSC question pattern declared for the SSC exam 2022. We hope to come up with a subject-wise question pattern and mark distribution for your convenience.