Govt School Admission Result 2024

Govt School Admission Result 2024 It is compulsory to take admission tests to get admitted into govt schools so everyone waits for Govt School Admission Result. Brilliant students go through severe competitions to get a chance in govt schools. The admission test is held in most classes except class six and nine. Then a result is published and students are admitted school-wise. So, Govt School Admission Result is important for everyone. It is our small effort so that you get the result of your child immediately. Everything about the result is presented below.

Govt School Admission Result

Nowadays govt schools are not open like before that anyone can get admitted if they wish. Anyone willing to get admitted into govt schools will have to undergo admission tests. Admission in class one is based on a lottery. For admission in class two, three, four, five, seven and eight, it is necessary to take part in the written examination. The written examination is taken on Bangla, English, and Mathematics. This year admission tests will be held on 17-20 December. The result will be published online in due time. You have to confirm the admission in December. The class will be started on the first day of January as usual.

Govt School Admission Date

You have to take part in the admission test before the result. So, it is necessary to know the exam date along with the procedure of getting the result. The governing committee will take the admission tests in 3 groups. The admission tests lottery will be held in these three categories A, B, and C. Get to know when the admission test result in each category will be published.

  • Group A: 28/11/23.
  • Group B: 28/11/23
  • Group C: 28/11/23

Govt School Admission Circular 2024

Dinajpur School Admission Result

When Will Govt School Admission Result Be Published?

It is still uncertain when the result will be published. Because there are a few days remaining for the admission test. As the admission procedure has to be completed in December, so it is assumed that the result will be published before 28 November 2024. So, you can see the details process of getting the result now. You will not suffer to find the result on the publishing date. We will update here if any date regarding the result is announced.

Govt School Admission Waiting Result 2024

Govt School Admission Result 2024

Govt now publish the result online to lessen the sufferings of the guardians. Getting the result is an easy task. Follow our steps if you want to get the result online. The process of getting the result is –

  1. At first, visit this link from mobile phone or pc –
  2. You will see different menu there. You have to find the Result menu.
  3. Click on the result menu once you find that.
  4. Fill up roll number, class, and necessary information and click on the Submit button.
  5. If your internet connection is okay, you will get the results in a few moments.

Everyone wants their children to study in a good school. That’s why they are pushing them in this war of admission. Hope your beloved child will make you smile on the day of the Govt School Admission Result.