HSC Result 2024 All Education Board Result Bangladesh

Hi Guys! It’s my pleasure to let you know that HSC Result 2024 is going to be published on first week of September 2024. Do you know it? Yeah, the education ministry of Bangladesh has already declared the HSC 2024 result publication day. So, it will be better for you to know everything about how to get your result as soon as the result publishes. Okay? So, let’s know all about the HSC Result 2023. HSC Result 2024 will publish on September 2024.

HSC Result 2024 Published Date

I know all the HSC candidates of 2024 are eagerly waiting to know when their result would be published. Don’t worry. Just wait a few days as the education ministry of Bangladesh has already declared the HSC result publication date. The result publication date is September 2024 .

On this day, our education minister with all the education boards’ chairmen will hand over the result summary of all boards to our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10 am. Then all the education boards will publish their own result in their board’s official website.

Hopefully, you can collect your result after 12 pm from your college. You can also get your result easily by Mobile SMS or from the official website of the education board www.educationboardreults.gov.bd.

Previous Year HSC Result Date

Are you looking for the previous year HSC result publication date? Go below. It is given in a chart.

Name of Exam Exam Year Date of Result Publication
HSC 2023 26th November 2023
HSC 2022 8 February 2023
HSC 2021 13 February 2022
HSC 2020 30 January 2021
HSC 2019 17 July
HSC 2018 19 July
HSC 2017 23 July
HSC 2016 18 August
HSC 2015 9 August
HSC 2014 13 August
HSC 213 3 August
HSC 2012 18 July

Statistics of HSC Candidates

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations of 2024 have already ended. But you don’t know anything about the statistic of HSC candidates. Therefore you want to know how many HSC students attended from each board this year. Right? No problem. It is given below in a chart:

  • Total Number of Students = 13, 51,505
  • Eight General Boards = 11, 38,747
  • Madrasha Board = 88,451
  • Number of DIBS Examinee = 43
  • Technical Board = 1, 24,264
  • Number of Male Students = 6, 64,496
  • Number of female Students = 6, 87,009
  • Number of Foreign Students = 275 from 8 Overseas Center
  • Total Educational Institution = 9,081

The information is taken from Online published on 8th February 2024.

How to get HSC Result 2024

There are many ways to get your HSC result in 2024. First of all, you can get your result from your college but remember it may take time. It is because all the colleges need to collect the result from the UNO office after the result publication by the honorable Prime Minister.

So, when you are looking for collecting your result from your college, you have to collect it after 2.30 pm.

So, if you want to get your result as soon as the result publication, you have to collect it from the Bangladesh Education Board website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. But remember, the website gets busy on the result publication day as so many students try to get the result at a time. So, the website gets hung.

So, when you will fail to get your result from the website, you can also get your result easily by the mobile SMS system. It’s very simple.

HSC Result 2024 Online Education Board

When you want to get your result early, it would be wise for you to get your result online. As you know already, if you want to get your result from your institution, it would be late because all the institutions get the result at least one hour later after the result publication.

So, it wouldn’t be wise to wait to get your result from your college. Rather you should rely on online. You will get your results within seconds after clicking on the result download option.

HSC Result by Mobile SMS

As I told you earlier, getting your HSC result 2023 by mobile SMS system is the best, easy and quick option for you. To get your result, what you need to do is to go to the mobile SMS option and follow the following instructions given below. Within a twinkle of your eyes, you will get your result at your hand.

For HSC Exam Result 2024

HSC <Space> First 3 letters of your board name <Space> Your Roll Number<Space>2023 and then send to 16222

For Alim Exam Result 2024

Alim <Space> First 3 letters of your Madrasha Education Board <Space> Your Roll Number <Space> 2023 and then send to 16222

For HSC Technical Exam Result 2024

HSC TEC <Space> First 3 letters of your Technical Education Board <Space> Your Roll Number <Space> 2023 and then send to 16222

But do you know your board’s short code? It’s important to know. If you don’t know it, you can’t get your result. So, for your betterment, all the board’s code is given below:

Dhaka Board= DHA

Cumilla Board= CUM

Barisal Board= BAR

Sylhet Board= SYL

Chittagong Board= CHI

Rajshahi Board= RAJ

Dinajpur Board= DIN

Madrasha Board=MAD

Technical Board= BTEB

Jeshor Board= JES

Education Board Website (

Don’t you know your board’s website address? It’s essential to know when you want to get your result online. It is because all the education boards will publish their result on their own board’s official website.

Since you want to get your result online, all the education boards’ website address is given below. You can get your result going to your board’s website. It doesn’t matter whether you are from Dhaka board, Comilla board, Chittagong board, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, Jessore board and Dinajpur board. Just click on your board’s website address and get your result following some simple instructions.

To get your result from your board website, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit your Board Website.
  2. Select Examination Type
  3. Then Select your Board
  4. Enter Your Roll Number
  5. Enter Registration Number
  6. Enter the Captcha
  7. Click on the Submit Button
  8. Get your Result

Web based Result Publication System eboardresults.com

You can also easily get your HSC Result 2024 from web based Result Publication system. Just you need to go to website address https://eboardresults.com and follow the instructions shown below.

As it’s shown above, you can get different types of result from the website. Just you need to select the result option and click on the done option. You will get your result in few seconds.

All the result type option and how to get it is given below:

HSC Individual Result: If you want to get your own individual result, what you need to do is to select:

The exam name + Exam year + board name + individual from result type option and write down your roll number. Then press enter and get your personal result.

Institutional Result: If you want to get your own institution total result, you can get it with this option. Here you have to enter the EIIN number of your college and can download the result of your college.

Center Result: Going to this option, you can download your center result. It means you can get all the examinees result that appeared from this center.

District Result: You can also get your district result going to this option.

Institution Analytics : If you want to know the total analysis of all institution results, you can go to this option and get it.

Board Analytics : Here you will get the result analysis of your board or all other boards.

HSC Exam result 2024 by Android App

As you have an Android Mobile Phone at your hand, you can also easily get your HSC result through Android App. What you need to do is to download the App namely “Board Result” from the Google Play Store and then install it on your mobile phone.

Then open the App and follow the following instruction to get your result:

  1. Select Result
  2. Type your exam name HSC
  3. Then type your board name
  4. Passing year
  5. Enter your Roll Number

You will get shortly your HSC result 2023 to celebrate with your near and dear ones.

HSC Result All Education Board

As you are in need of the HSC Result All Education Board, you can get it from the board’s own official website. For your easy excess and betterment, all the Boards Website Address is given below again:

Dhaka Education Board: www.dhakaeductionboard.gov.bd

Sylhet Education Board: www.sylhetboard.gov.bd

Chittagong Education Board: www.bise-ctg.gov.bd

Rajshahi Education Board: www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd

Comilla Education Board: www.comillaboard.gov.bd

Barisal Education Board:  www.barisalboard.gov.bd

Jessore Education Board: www.jessoreboard.gov.bd

Dinajpur Education Board: www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd

Madrasha Education Board: www.bmeb.gov.bd

Bangladesh Technical Education Board: www.bteb.gov.bd

HSC Result MarkSheet 2024

As you want to get your HSC Result Mark sheet 2024, you have to go your board official website. You can easily download your mark sheet from the mark sheet download option. To download your mark sheet, click here.

Final Word

I hope now you know all the information about your HSC Result 2024. As you already know that your HSC result will be published on Last Week of January 2024 you can get your long desired HSC result following any option given above. On the result publication day, you will get your result available after 12 pm.

Wish your outstanding result and advance congratulations!